Like you, we make your safety and wellbeing a priority! That’s why we offer IV sedation and why we’re taking the time to share the benefits of sedation dentistry with you.

What is IV Sedation? Can it be used safely and effectively to benefit your dental experience?

IV sedation is the slow release of a light sedative into the bloodstream of a patient in order to calm anxiety during a procedure. Local anesthetics are used to numb the pain, while the sedative allows a patient to relax during the appointment.

IV sedation:

  • allows the patient to remain responsive to commands but mostly unaware of the ins and outs of the procedure.
  • is continuously monitored by trained professionals.
  • can be adjusted throughout the procedure according to the patient’s needs and responses.

Most states require 40-60 hours of additional training and licensing for a dentist to practice IV sedation, which means that any office that offers IV sedation is staffed by experienced professionals. Complications to sedation dentistry are extremely rare, though occasionally patients with chronic respiratory difficulties are advised to consider precautions. It’s important for your dentist to check the patient’s medical records in advance.

That being said, IV sedation is a great option for children who have a hard time sitting still in the dentist chair, patients who deal with a high level of anxiety or need a significant amount of dental work done, and patients who have a low pain threshold.

We are passionate about creating a positive experience for both adults and children. If you think that IV Sedation might be a good fit for your needs, make sure to ask about it when you schedule your next appointment!

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