On a scale of 1 to losing your keys when you’re already running late, how annoying are referrals to you? When it comes to orthodontic referrals, you have to learn a new location, staff and doctor, and consistently relay what the “other office” is saying about your teeth. At Cherrydale Dental Associates, we wanted to find an easier way for you to get the oral care you need without having to go to one office for general dental work and another one for orthodontic work.

So we’ve partnered with SC Orthodontics to provide you with trustworthy orthodontic care at your usual office. That’s right, you can stay at the office you already know and love.

Not only is this more convenient for you, it’s also more affordable. Our strategic partnership maximizes the space and resources we already have, resulting in lower prices for you.

Greenville DentistSC Orthodontics Group

How much lower, you ask?

Here’s the cold, hard facts. A complete braces package starts at $3,995 for new patients and includes a consultation with the orthodontist beforehand. Yes, you read that right – we can offer orthodontic treatment for as low as $3,995.

Would you like to meet with our orthodontist and hear his opinion about what kind of treatment you need before making a commitment? You can! New patients are eligible for a free consultation, including X-rays.

So what do you have to lose? Sign up for a free consultation or visit SC Orthodontics’ website to see all the details. We hope you’ll make Cherrydale Dental Associates both your dental and orthodontic location!

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