Greenville Dentist Partners with SC Orthodontics

On a scale of 1 to losing your keys when you’re already running late, how annoying are referrals to you? When it comes to orthodontic referrals, you have to learn a new location, staff and doctor, and consistently relay what the “other office” is saying about your teeth. At Cherrydale Dental Associates, we wanted to find an easier way for you to get the oral care you need without having to go to one office for general dental work and another one for orthodontic work.Continue Reading

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

There it is again. . . the dreaded C word. Cancer has unfortunately become a very common disease, but the thought of it still makes people cringe. While there are many types of cancer, some are more well known than others. So certain times of the year are set apart to raise awareness for the lesser known types. April is one such time, set aside to raise awareness for oral cancer.Continue Reading

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month


As you may have read on our Facebook pages, April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. Oral cancer, as defined by NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research), is cancer of the mouth and pharynx. Nothing sounds good about cancer, but how do you get oral cancer? What are the signs of oral cancer? What can you do to prevent it? Keep reading to find out!Continue Reading

Carolina Dental Alliance Holds Oral Cancer Screenings at Spartanburg Office

Carolina Dental Alliance (CDA), your local network of Upstate dentists, is partnering with the Head & Neck Cancer Alliance and Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute to raise awareness of oral cancer and provide free screenings in our neighborhoods.

You may not realize, but at each dental checkup, your hygienist checks your mouth for signs of oral cancer.Continue Reading